Danpak - Krimpen

Danpak has its own professional shrink-wrapping department. This department has all facilities to custom your packaging.  Of course this department meets a high-hygiene standard.

During this proces transparent foil is wrapped around the product with a shrink machine. Then the foil will be heated, it shrinks and stays tight around the product. This proces gives a good protection and a better presentation of your products.

The products can be shrinked in all quantities, with or without lid as you would wish. The shrinks can also be provided with a shrink-label.

Private label

We use our own labels but our wrapped trays and containers can be covered with a private label. With domestic customers and customers abroad we have the expertise in the field of private labelling. We are willing to advise and support you in the delivery of your private label products.

The benefits of these processes are:

  • Your stocks are replenished quickly and with low costs
  • The products are packed dust-free
  • Your packaging is outsourced
  • The trays and containers are labelled with your specifications and article numbers